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Default Stolen Hemi

Thank You for looking at the posting guys.

This motor belonged to a friend who drag races. Since I am a circle track guy, I don't know how to accurately describe this engine. He did say the block pad was stamped 668 and it was filled. That's all I know. Any other details would need to come from Troy at the number above.

I never actually saw the motor. It was stolen shortly after it arrived at the shop it was taken from. I stopped into my buddies' shop one night about two weeks after the break in and learned of it then.

The guy has been a good friend and a big help so I figured a posting was a small way I could help. Figured maybe we would get lucky if someone was trying to unload the motor and someone saw the posting. Chances are slim but you never know.

You are right, it was most likely someone who knew the engine was there, knew what it was and knew when no-one would be there.......Jerks!

Thanks for the interest guys, I'll let you know if anything happens.
---Jim C. In Mass.
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