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Question test stand for 318

I've been out of the hobby a long time, so forgive my stupid questions. I have an old 318 (70 to 74 year model) out of a lebaron or something, (automatic) and I would like to build a test stand to put it on and run it to see if it is any good at all before I put it in the car. I don't have the automatic that it was bolted up to, but I have another automatic tranny from the junkyard. In order to run this motor on the stand, is it possible to simply buy a flywheel and bell housing from a 3 or 4 speed setup in order to run the motor by itself on the stand? I intend to put it in my 71 challenger so I can just move it around and out of the way so I can have room to rotisserie my 70 RT Challenger. Also I have a big block 440 w/automatic complete with a starter. Is it possible to use the starter from the big block on the 318 with the 3 or 4 speed bell housing. I vaguely recall there is a difference in the cranks in the 318 Cast vs forged. I am sure this motor is not a forged crankshaft motor. Do you have to have a flywheel to match the crank, or are they all the same. I am just starting on restoring (2) dodge challengers. (1) 70 and (1) 71. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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