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Originally Posted by MO-E-Bodyman View Post
At one time I was collecting these cars and had 46 Shelby Dodges. At the time I started selling them (about 8-10 years ago) there was a lot of interest in them. However it doesn't seem like there is as much now. Maybe because I'm not on the forums as much, or maybe they are getting old enough people are having a hard time finding parts and moving on to other cars.
However, that being said, I have a nephew that recently bought a one owner '87 CSX to restore and he loves it. So, there are still enthusiasts out there.

As far as value, I haven't seen a big jump like some people thought there would be after Shelby's death. I do think there will be a slight but steady rise in value as time goes on.

Well said and nicely put. I agree. I to thought that they would go up in value, i even thought that they were up in value befor his death
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