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Default 440 six pack idle help

Here we go again some of you may say. I have read bunch of information on the web about how to tune these carbs. Here is my
Issues. I have a 70 cuda with 512 stroker from 440 source, aluminum intake, fairly lopy cam (picture of cam card attatched). The car runs great with tons of power when I drop the hammer but when I come to stop, car dies. I have tried all the tricks, vacuum test, power valve changes, new jets, 1/8 to 1/4 outboard a/f idle mix screw adjustment, checked for air leaks. Currently I installed 4.5 power valve and have the choke pull off disconnected and the outer carbs mixture screw 1/2 turned out and seems to respond the best but runs very rich during low rpm when driving. Every time I fully open the center choke flap engine will stall and die. Someone said most likely a vacuum leak but I have not been able to find it. Also when I choke off the air completely on both outer carb it will stall too.
So... I am stumped and appreciate the advise in advance.
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