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Default 89 d150

Well not sure how much action the thread will get here but I'm more than positive someone here knows what I need.

Planning to swap a mild 440 into my 89 d150. No HP goals, just want as much torque as possible before losing reliability or street ability.

Truck is currently a 318 TBI, I did the upper ball joints earlier this year but over the winter I'm going to rebuild the front suspension. Never done a total rebuild or engine swap before. Should I be ordering everything from a d250 to support the 440 or will I be fine with just doing the shocks and springs for a d250?

Time to get my shopping list ready and start ordering. Would love advice on what I should do before the swap so I don't have to do it again. Truck is still on the road and rust free.

On my list so far is:

Lower ball joints
Inner/outer tie rods
Idler arm
Pitman arm
Sway bar should be ok?
Should I be buying a new centre link?
All bushings of course.

Already have the RB swap kit from bouchillion ready, need someone more experienced to help me with my list. I've always just replaced broken parts. This is my first build.
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