View Full Version : W-9 guys .... Help ?

11-24-2012, 04:00 PM
I am priming the oil system on my motor....48 degree w-9's with T&D 1.6 rockers.....Smith pushrods with .040 resttrictors and CS roller rockers with I believe the .210 offset intake push rod cups.
I am getting oil except to the intake rocker. Plenty at the lifter , the valley fills up easily. Oil at the exhaust retainers , so I am getting it everywhere it needs to be on that side.
But on the intakes , I am not even seeing evidence at the pushrod cup on the rocker arm.
The adjusters are within T&D's recommended distance.....not smack dab in the middle of perfect , but well within their tolerance.
I am thinking it has to be the lifters....the odds are that eight intakes would all be plugged is slim.
They are .040 shorter that the exhaust and I did not try to see if they would pass air before install....that's probably the first check.
Just wondering if any of you have seen anything like this.
Any ideas ?