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01-26-2014, 10:34 PM
Hi Guys,
I'm trying to find out if my '70 6-bbl. GTX came from the factory with or w/o the electric idle solenoid (bolted to the side of the intake). Seen many pics online, and cars at shows and it's some yes/some no. Can't tell by the wiring harness, for it was altered when someone did the ignition system(dist/coil,MSD, etc). What should I be looking for?
The Lynch Rd. car was delivered to the dealer in MA. in Dec. of 1969.

01-27-2014, 02:22 AM
You can download a complete 70 Plymouth service manual over at MyMopar


However, these scans do not use the original "dash" page numbering, you must play with the page numbers to find what you want. The fuel section pictures the solenoid. So far as wiring, just refer to the wiring diagrams

Engine compartment wiring (except hemi) for Belvedere is page 365 (8-133)

Excerpt from page 528 (9A-5) on emissions systems shows it comes off the alternator field connection

Photo of the carb setup is page 614 (14-63)

According to the statement out of the manual (idle.jpg) all 340, 440, and hemi cars came with an idle solenoid. This was to jack up idle speed to meed emissions, and when shut down, to help prevent run-on.

I owned one of these, as second owner about 1971 or early '72. I did and still know the original owner. This was a 4 speed / Dana car, power disk brakes. It was NOT a CA car and did not have the fuel tank evaporative crap. I got into trouble with this as CA used to have "road block" emissions checks, and I was stationed at Miramar, San Diego. I even showed the jerk right in the shop manual that it would not have had the evap stuff. He would not believe it. Mine DID HAVE the idle solenoid. 4bbl cars (Mine was a 440-6) had single point distributors with an electric retard solenoid.

This is my old car. Wish to 'ell I had it back, or one like it again.



01-28-2014, 01:59 AM
Thanks for the info, 440. It helped greatly. I found this GTX after kicking my own ass for 35 years after I sold my 400-6 Roadrunner, and swearing I would not pass up another chance to do it again. Through the GTX Registry website, I found the original owner who was a regular at New England Dragway, a few miles from where he ordered the car. As it turned out, also only a few miles from my home town. I too was at N.E.D every chance I got. So, chances are as a kid I might have even watched the car that I would buy 35 years later, go down the track.
He's since sent me pictures from 1970, and even the Advance Dealer Shipping Notice (from the dealership to the factory). See if I can post them later.

01-28-2014, 01:43 PM
I could never afford another, unless I win the lotto or something. Have to content myself with an A but I've sort of developed a fondness for the little car, anyhow.

My old 70 remains my all time favorite car, but just like the times of those days, it's gone forever. I really like the burnt orange. The original owner of mine ordered a different color than limelight, but it somehow "arrived" in that. Years later I had the car repainted in a dark metallic green. The kid I sold it to "disappeared" the car. I would assume it was involved in some hit and run or some other malfeasance