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01-19-2017, 09:17 PM
So....the age old question....Holley(or equivalent) vs edelbrock carbs. here is what I have. 440/727 in a 4wd pickup. its a healthy motor. put 320hp and 420ft/lbs on a dyno with 37" tires on it. currently have a 750 dbl pumper on an edelbrock torker 2 intake. mind you this truck is mainly street driven, playing in mud fields and sometimes competition bogs in the area. engine is about 4 years old now and I have a heavy right foot so the engine is well broke in. I started playing with the carb jets, power valves, accel pump cams seeing if I could get more noticeable throttle response...and in fact I'm sure I went wrong somewhere. I just did so much at once i don't know what or what combo it should be at. So I'm trying to decide if i should just get a new carb or play with this one more. carb choices are affordable edelbrock, holley because i now have 2 kids and when i built the motor had 0. lol kinda kicking the idea of changing to a performer rpm intake and a new carb but looking for ideas. seeings the motor never sees over 6000rpm the torker wasn't the best intake choice to start with. but looking for advice and ideas. thanks! :D

68Charger 440HP
01-22-2017, 08:02 PM
In my opinion, keep the 750 dp and go with a performer rpm manifold. That manifold is much better suited to your set up as a 4wd off road type truck. You'll get much better bottom end with that manifold. From there, tune the carb. The 750 dp is a great carb and I don't think you'll gain anything by switching to an Edelbrock carb. Every 440 I've had has always like bigger carbs and made noticeable gains in the 1/4 mile and mph. Granted yours is a different application but 440's love their gas!