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04-23-1999, 03:17 PM
I have a 72 Satellite 318 which needs the
usual ignition stuff plugs,cap,rotor,wires

Any brand names better than others ?
Is there anyting else I could add or do for
better spark and performance ?


04-24-1999, 04:35 AM
I like Accel caps and rotors,Champion plugs.As far as wire sets go,a good name brand is fine as is a set of the Mopar replacement wires.If your Satellite doesn't have the electronic ignition from the factory,(It was a option in 1972)I'd upgrade to that,and It's in the Mopar performance catalog.I'm not saying the parts I use are better than other brands,These are the ones I have always used and had good reliability.If a brand works for me I usually stay with it.Everyone will have there own favorite parts,just like most will have a favorite oil they use.

Ramcharger 4x4
04-24-1999, 03:26 PM
Get the Mopar Performance ignition upgrade from Ma' Mopar. It is designed to replace completely your old ignition system and upgrade to an electronic version if it isn't electronic already. It comes with a performance advance curve and spark box. I did this on my 79 truck, and it already had electronic ignition. I switched to get the performance curve and to replace a bad distributor. Tell ya what...I spent over $ 300 on a Jacobs ignition system, ya know the ones that tout better mileage and performance gauranteed....the Mopar ignition ran better than theirs, (even after about 15 phone calls to their techs to try and make it work like they said it should)...and that was with a .065 spark plug gap on an engine that isn't supposed to run with more than .032 gap ! The $ 120 you will spend on the ignition upgrade will be money well spent, and you can probably get it cheaper from Jegs or Summit than your local Dodge/Chrysler dealer. Plug wires...get the biggest you can afford or justify, but make sure the have the smallest resistance. Smaller resistance per foot means more juice gets to the plug, the bigger wire just helps to prevent crossfiring. Right now MSD has some 8.5 mm wires that are less than 50 ohms / ft, which is the smallest resistance I have sen, and they are about $ 60 a set. I prefer to get the wires that you cut and crimp yourself, but then again I am kinda anal about where and how my plugs wires lay on the engine, and most pre-made sets are nowhere near long enough for me. Plugs....you are on your own there...I usually get Champion, since they are cheap and work pretty good, but I change them every year no matter what.

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Brian Mills
04-25-1999, 08:12 AM
I have used the mopar ignition upgrade twice, both 360's, one is 1972 motor home to replace points ignition, the other is 1985 ramcharger, I liked the results on both, especially the ramcharger. The after market I never tried. Used the MSD 8mil custom set on my 91 ram, like them, used the mopar performance blue cut to fit set on the 85, they were a little less expensive, and I like them also. Those MSD 8.5 mil sound better though.

04-25-1999, 03:05 PM
Hey Brian, Did your Ramcharger have the "computer" that was mounted on the inside of the left fenderwell??? And did it have a o2 sensor in it?? I'm about to change my 86 over to the M-P ign.reason I'm asking.

Brian Mills
04-25-1999, 09:13 PM
Christopher, my Ramcharger has an ignition relay and some little three wire deal that looks like a small volt regulator on the left fender well, red, white and dark green wires. When I installed, I dropped in the distributor, the orange box, and the ballast resistor, then I called the M.P. tech line about the wiring, since the factory ignition plug looked just like the new one, and I plugged it all in to the factory harness on their advice. As far as O2, this thing had headers and no air pump when I got it, I swapped the rotten chester for a thermoquad, and I plugged off the heat sensitive vacum switches, tossed all the small vacum lines including the vacum amplifier and advance delay, ran vacum lines just like 1972. Recognize that I live in Alberta, Canada, we have no emission laws or checks anywhere, I just ditched the catalytic convertor on my 91 4x4 Ram, picked up 1 mile to the gallon immediatly, and it tows a trailer like it is new again. I may toss the air pump on it next, and install MP headers, but we'll see. Hope this helps in some way.

04-25-1999, 09:31 PM
Thanks Brian,I appreciate it very much.My 86 has the computer ,but no o2 sensor and I'm about to put dual exhaust on it and the elec. ign. pkg.I will have to wire my pkg.according to the service manual as my Ramcharger has what I call "lean burn II" a setup very similar to what they had on 2.2 fwd cars,but no mixture control solenoid on the carb.and the vacuum advance is on the computer,not on the distributor.

Brian Mills
04-26-1999, 01:23 AM
Christopher, if you buy the complete kit from MP, you get instructions to instal in place of all the systems right up to throttle body injection used 88-91 318, and to 93 on 360 http://www.mopar.net/ubb/smile.gif.

04-26-1999, 03:26 AM
Iv'e bought the kits before and installed them,on the truck, I'm going to wire it in a little different,as the ign #1 and ign#2 are going to have to be wired from the bulkhead connector as I don't have a ballast resistor on this truck.

Richard Reardon
04-27-1999, 05:21 PM
All good advice, however I like the true conductivity that only wire can give you. That carbon fiber stuff just never "cut-it" for me. It may be better these days, but it just seemed to break down after a couple of years of use, especially if you ran tubing headers on the street. So I run any reputable brand name Spiral Wound ignition wire sets and have done this since the early 70's. I have a set of Accel's on the 'Stang and have had no trouble for ~5 years and I have tubing headers.I think Sorrenson was one of the first mfgrs.to offer these back then, now most of the mfgrs. have jumped onto this. They work great and DO NOT interfear with your radio reception. You end up with an excellent conductor of your spark w/ the benifit of supression to keep your radio happy! ;-)


04-28-1999, 03:35 PM
Thanks every one for the tips.

04-29-1999, 02:28 AM
I'll agree on the wire set info,but it sounded to me that Fred had kind of a "resto ride".I've used the Moroso Blue Max spiral core wires before and have had great results,in fact the set on my Road Runner are 11 years old.These are the carbon core wires with the stainless outer wire.

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