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Old 07-08-2003, 10:59 PM
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Default SVS Dodge Viper

SVSi Viper Performance Upgrade Package



(12 PSI Boost - 1,100 HP See Chassis Dyno Figures ) *NO NOS OR PROPANE)

Cylinder Heads:

*Special Stryker Signage
*Numbered Dash Plaque

Race proven intake and exhaust port design
Beryllium intake and exhaust valve seats
Hand-fit bronze valve guides
Custom size stainless intake and exhaust valves
Hardened steel spring cups
Lightweight titanium 7deg valve spring retainers
Hardened steel 7deg valve locks
Durable one piece Teflon valve seals
Performance double coil valve springs
Engine Block:

Blueprinting operations are implemented using state of the art equipment
Block decks are squared to crankshaft centerline
Main bearing housings are align-honed to ensure concentricity and size
Cylinder bores are deck-plate honed to fit individual piston size
Crankshaft is hand de-burred and oil holes are chamfered for improved oiling
Connecting rods are rebuilt to a tolerance of +/- .0002 inches
Rotating/reciprocating assembly is balanced to within .2 ounce/inches
ARP hardware is used throughout to enhance bottom end reliability
SVSi installs confidence by using only the highest quality crankshafts, connecting rods, and pistons.
Induction System:

Two high performance, high reliability Garret turbochargers
Single 120 mm Billet Throttle Body
10 Velocity Stack Billet Intake
Custom fabricated air to air intercooler
Wastegate assemblies for boost pressure control
Intake pressure relief valves for streetability
Custom fabricated aluminum tubing for charge air/intake air routing
Engine Management:

Motec state of the art feedback engine control featuring:
Fully sequential operation
Closed loop control of air/fuel ration
Completed altitude/air temperature compensation
Extensive data accusation capability
Fuel System:

SVSi custom fuel system
High capacity top feed injectors with fuel rail

Clutch & Pressure Plate
Heavy Duty Half Shafts
Drive Shaft Loop
Steel Drive Shaft
Extra Duty Transmission Upgrade
Differential Cooler
Cooling Upgrade:

Heavy Duty Radiator with Cooling Fans

SVSi Stryker TT Stage III Data:

Horsepower at Crank:


Torque (ft lbs) at Crank:


Horsepower at Rear Wheels:


Torque (ft lbs) at Rear Wheels:


Turbocharger Boost:
12 PSI

1/4 Mile Performance:

9.50 @ 150+ MPH

Estimated Top Speed:

260 MPH


2.7 sec


6.0 sec

__________________________________________________ __

__________________________________________________ __
This is a modifiyed 96 dodge viper indeed. Its painted with proud American Flag on it. You can see it if you search svs dodge viper pics in google.

What do you think
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Old 07-10-2003, 11:58 PM
superswamper superswamper is offline
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It sounds awesome! I'll trade you my 03 truck v-10 for your viper v-10, 305 horse isn't good enouh!
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