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Old 05-26-2009, 10:19 PM
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Default Even Dodge Doesn't Know

I am new to this site and have what seems to be a unique problem. My wife has a 97 neon base 2.0 sohc. I replaced the gauge cluster with one that actually works and that took care of two of my problems. However, I have a seemingly much harder issue to solve. The camshaft sensor is saying it's bad and I tried to replace it but the one on the car does not look like any at the junkyard or parts store or even the dealership as all locations have the same looking part. Similarities- circuit plugin, shape, bolt pattern. Differences- My sensor> side that touches magnet is a complete circle pattern and is slotted has a blue seal and has no window on the back side. Apparent oem sensor> side that touches magnet is a half circle and is flush at the top with three square-like indentions at the top and bottom left and right side, has a green seal and a window-like thing on the back side. Dodge does not recognize the sensor in question and suspects the head is from a different engine. I have searched the net for this mystery sensor and came up dry. I am lost for the moment I hope someone has come across this in some form or fashion. I am going to see if I can just replace the magnet and switch to the true oem sensor but not sure if it will work. Need serious help for a serious question. Thanks.
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Old 05-27-2009, 11:05 AM
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Welcome to the forums!

It's always possible that someone threw an oddball part on the car. Does the
correct sensor look like it'll fit?

Dodge not knowing anything sounds about right. It depends on the
dealership you call. Sometimes you'll get someone who's worked there for
30 years, and knows everything, and then the next time you'll have a guy
helping you who was flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's last week, and
doesn't know what's going on. If you call a different place, you may get a
different/better answer.

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