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Old 12-27-2001, 01:53 AM
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Default What is the toughest P.O.S. you have ever owned?

I'm bringing this colorful thread to hear of all the POS tough cars out there. I own an 88 chevy beretta. It was in several accidents and still won't die. It was flipped end for end twice. It went off the road into a 12ft ditch doing 70, bottomed out twice and lets say the oil pan doesn't hold 5 quarts any longer. It was rear ended by a brand new ram not even 1,000 miles on it, totalled the ram. The automatic tranny only has 1st, Drive and Reverse. The rear seal is out and it leaks oil heavily but it still runs and drives. I'm going to license it again to drive this winter. Heat works great. Does anyone else have a tough car?

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Old 12-27-2001, 08:17 PM
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Had a few, but the one I remember most is a '77 Subaru 4x4 station wagon. This car went through snow like nothing with bald tires, surivived hitting 2 deer, was driven halfway off a bridge. Finally had to junk it, because it was rusting apart, but it still ran great!
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Old 12-27-2001, 11:35 PM
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Default thinking of others vehicles

55 Chevy Pickup that has sat for years and still will start with the biggest cloud of smoke ever.

79 Chevy Wagon you have to give it gas with a wire cable through the dash. tailgate wont shut,

86 chevy Cavalier bent rear axel after going in a ditch, again smoky engine. BIG POS

83 Chevy Caprice Wagon in demo derby....still drove even with no radiator or tires on back and wheels nearly pinned

Actually if you run demos like me and my buddy do, you see lots of POS cars that just wont give up no matter how bad they get smashed. I've seen some FWD cars that had the backs smahsed to the front and still drive. The ones I've seen hold up the best are the FWD cars that take back hits and M-body cars if you drive them right.
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Old 12-28-2001, 12:12 AM
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My 86 Nissan Micra that I used to take off-road at horse shows. The doors used to freeze shut and I had to climb in through the hatchback. I drove it through a blizzard one New Year's Eve in about 2-3 feet of snow, following a friends F-350 dually from a party about 2 hours in the country. Never got stuck, the next day it wouldn't start because the gas lines were frozen solid. Threw a space heater on top of it for an hour, away it went.
I sold it last year for $1200, wish I still had it.
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Old 12-28-2001, 12:50 AM
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I've had several slant six and 2.2 powered K cars that had well over 200,000 with one 86 K car that was close to 240,000 when I sold it. I also had a 64 Valiant convertible, I really couldn't tell you how many miles it had on it, I know I found an oil change sticker in it with 320,000 miles, and I drove it a long time after that. Speedo broke, so I couldn't say how many miles it eventually ended up with. I've seen quite a few long mileage 318 2 barrels, too. Put a timing chain in them and keep the oil changed, and they are hard to kill as well.
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Old 12-28-2001, 02:12 AM
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this was my fun as hell beater for about 9-10 months last year. got it and a 75 nova for free, just some title transfer and estate fees. sold both for 400 bucks apiece didn't run, only took el cheapo tires, batt., alt., rear brake job, little redneck engineering on the electric fuel pump (who needs the black box under the dash, run a wire from ign. to pump, lol) and a "custom bent" catback. this consisted of beating supposedly bendable pieces of pep boys 2.5 exhaust pipe on a telephone pole until it was close enough. cherry bomb muffler of course, plenty of exhaust tape on the connection to the cat, and a sweet chrome tip that i found on the side of the road. yeah, so what if it didn't exit exactly straight out the back it still sounded better than most rice rockets. and yes, it passed nc inspection, sniffer included with flying colors (right) after only 5-6 tries. air filter was promptly ditched from wetness after the first off road excursion resulted in water as high as the valve cover and lapping at the bottom of the seats in the cab. pull the plugs, crank it over a few times, plugs back in and off we go. change the oil after that? no. overheated one time on the trail, refill radiator with muddy water and leave it that way for a couple months? yes. somehow it always ran, i even drove it on a couple 300 mile trips. yes, it was scary especially after the tie rod was mysteriously bent a little and the passenger front shock spilled its guts. but there was no danger in falling asleep at the wheel. yeah, so the rearend started making some funny noises after the first 100 redline it and slide your foot off the clutch. the mangled bumper was a result of one too many encounters with small saplings at speed. never could figure out why the passenger fender kept folding in on the tire. but nothing a size 12 and a crowbar wouldn't fix. friday night and your're bored? let's go beat the heck outa the ford with a broom stick or whatever is handy. time trials running across the truck front to back was a blast. having a friend cave the roof in so deep on one of these runs that a small lake was born every time it rained was pretty neat too. throw empty glass bottles at it from across the parking lot? always fun. take the doors/hood off in the summer? definitely cool. a properly aimed washer nozzle that could soak a pedestrian from 15 ft, electrical tape racing stripes that lasted about 2 weeks were fun. at least they matched the tape holding 2 of the 4 parking lights in. having to sell it because you got another speeding ticket and couldn't afford insurance for one truck much less two, not cool. rest in peace Wilbur, you have got to be dead by now...
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Old 12-28-2001, 10:00 AM
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Default Here's my story....

Well, here's my story. It's a 1990 Furd Aerostar van. This thing is just ugly as he!!. The paint is so badly oxidized, that if you rub up against it, you will get a big burgunday spot, on you. In some places, it's completely gone, exposing the primer. The back section of the exhaust pipe has fallen off, the tie rod ends are completely shot, shocks are almost non-existant, it leaks antifreeze, and the heater core is shot. The van has been rear-ended about 10 times, but it still keeps on going. Right now, she has about 175K on the clock, and is still going strong. The last rear-end collision broke the support on the drivers side seat, so that now you are tilted at an angle towards the center of the van. There are no emergency brakes, and the rear gears are starting to whine (Probably becasue they are low on fluid). You would just have to see this poor van to appreciate it. Hey, but look on the bright side, at least the radio still works good, even though the threads stipped on the antenna, and it's help on with superglue

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Old 12-28-2001, 11:44 AM
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Default The Broken Spirit

A good friend of mine has a 1992 dodge Spirit. This car as 130000 miles on it. Its been stolen by joyriders 3 times. The last time it was stolen, my friend didn't have any insurance on it, and it got wrecked. After it was recovered we fixed the front end using bungee ties to keep the hood closed, And a few exposed bolts drilled in to keep the bumper on. Thus it gained the name Broken Spirit. Mechanicly the car runs like a top. I just hope that he never gets pulled over in it, because the steering coluom is still busted.
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Old 12-28-2001, 08:55 PM
unregisterred unregisterred is offline
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69 chrysler 300.
i bought this thing in 86 for 800,put 120,000 miles on it in 5 years,and never missed a beat.
ate brakes like crazy,and after finally putting electronic i it,just put gas in it.
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Old 01-11-2002, 10:15 AM
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My 1987 Shelby CSX had 120k miles on it and I was 17yrs old so the car was put through h3ll and back of course. I dropped the clutch at like 4k everytime I took off. Did E-brake slides and all that stuff then took it to the drags every weekend. Had a blast with the car and amazed all my friends. Now I'm almost 20 hmmmmm doesn't time fly
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Old 01-11-2002, 01:22 PM
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My wife had a Plymouth Turismo when I first met her. I don't remember the year but that car couldn't be beaten to death with a 2x4. The doors would stick shut (I had to use the hatchback on occasion too). The hatchback lid would not stay open because the cylinders/shocks were gone. It rattled, it banged but it always started, and usually on the first crank. The interior had a few trim pieces missing, some torn seats and a heater that worked when it felt like it. That car just kept on running though. The final mileage on the car came to about 195,000 miles when a head gasket let go, the engine overheated, a cylinder filled with water and turned the head into a banana. The cost for the rebuild just seemed more than the car was worth so we left it with the mechanic to use for parts. Great dependable car though. It was no race car but it went from "A" to "B" with great regularity.
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Old 01-13-2002, 07:20 PM
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Post Never wrecked, but...

1973 Mercury Capri, canary yellow, 2.0l RWD 4-speed. Weighed in at 2200 and some odd pounds, perfect for winter driving in Ohio. It had 92,375 miles on her when I got her. About 6 months later, I realized it was the same reading. Held the speedo cable to the dash with Plumber's Goop. The same stuff sealed the windshield. Volkswagen didn't use electric washer fluid pumps on this one, it was a plunger looking device on the floor next to the clutch pedal. If you kicked it real hard, you could send it on the car behind you. Blower motor never worked. But if you drove fast enough, you couldn't tell the difference. Rearview mirror didn't have a night time switch/ lever/ thingie, just a straight mirror. It had the gas tank in the trunk, just below the rear deck, as in, I couldn't change the 6x9s from below, they had to go in through the top. I kept speaker wire in the car to wrap around the passenger door to hold it shut as I commuted. Driver's door just wouldn't open. Top speed was 45mph, after that the shaking was just too violent to deal with.
Shifter linkage utilized three steel rods about 2' long going to the tranny from the shifter. None of which had a good bushing on them. Sometimes you get to go into gear, sometimes you don't. That's what makes it a good game.
Exhaust was complete except for the 2" gap between the exhaust manifold and pipe, couldn't afford to get that fixed.
They quit making clutch cables for the car sometime after the recall that changed the pedals, which were not changed on this one. You could make the new ones fit with a bolt, which snapped twice in a month. Replaced finally with case hardened steel bolt and nut. Then replaced cables every 2 months, as the end would come off.
Oh, yeah. Starter solenoid wasn't getting juice at one point, so a door bell button was affixed to the underside of the dash (again, Plumber's Goop.)
btw- the VIN was GAECPB08172, in case someone knows the current owner. This car was not from Florida, as advertised by the person who bought it from me. You were taken in a bad way if you think anything done was original.
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Old 01-17-2002, 03:58 AM
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Well it's not a POS, but my 1966 Barracuda 273 4 speed that has over 280,000 miles and is still running strong, I've driven it from coast to coast several times, replaced the rear end, 2 clutches, 2 starters, a water pump, new suspension parts and that's about it. It still runs strong and burns almost no oil.
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Old 01-18-2002, 06:41 PM
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I have an 86 Dodge Ram Wagon (8 pass.van) 109" wheel base, 318, 999 auto, loaded to the hilt. I bought it (new) with 1600 miles on it in Aug. of 86. It now has 301,000+ miles on it, and it just blew an ORIGINAL head gasket. During the last 15 1/2 years I've replaced a couple of starters, a few water pumps, 3 or 4 batteries, and a torque converter (under warranty). It has been the single most dependible vehicle I ever owned.
I am treating it to a remanufactured Jasper Engines 318 and a 999 (904), and I'm rebuilding the rear axle. The body is still cherry, and the interior is nearly perfect except for the drivers seat and the front rug. Both are being replaced with factory original replacement fabric.
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