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Old 04-26-2001, 02:09 AM
Jims451 Jims451 is offline
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I'm just throwing out a question as to what type of electric fuel pumps you are using
and how you like them?
Also, how is your fuel system configured?

Myself, I have a Mallory 250 GPH pump with Mallory 500 filter plumbed with -8AN line and the Mallory by-pass regulator mounted close to the carbs. The carbs are fed by -6AN lines with one line per fuel bowl comming from the regulator.
The fuel cell is an aluminum 20-gallon triangle brand, with fuel level sending unit (the sending unit dosen't work right, even though it is supposed to be for a Mopar.) The fuel cell and filter are setup for dual -8AN fittings, but I'm only using one set. I suppose I could use the other set for a dedicated fuel system for a Nitrous system if I ever decide to install one. I also had to install an -8AN fuel cell fitting at the top of the fuel cell for the by-pass return line(s). The fuel cell did come with a 3/8" bung on the top for the tank vent which is connected to 3/8" aluminum tube which goes up and coils three times then vents under the car. There is no roll-over valve in the vent line.

I was not using the built-in fuel pump bypass on the Mallory pump and my pressure at idle is about 8 to 9 PSI, even though the regulator is set to 7 PSI. So at idle I'm having a hard time bypassing all the fuel from the pump.
I will be hooking up the fuel pump by-pass tomorrow and I think that should take care of the problem, but my fuel system now looks like something from the space shuttle (lots of braided line and AN fittings) and don't even ask how much $$$ I have spent on the fuel system.

The fuel pump is also pretty loud, but I think it may be quieter than my friends Holley electric fuel pump.
I mounted the filter and pump on a steel plate and used some old 1/2" hearter hose between the mounting plate and filter/pump to try and isolate the vibration and noise.

Currently the entire fuel cell, fuel filter and fuel pump can be easely removed from the trunk of the Charger because I mounted them all on a tubular cradle which just bolts into the trunk, since all this stuff was originally supposed to go into the '69 Coronet which isn't complete yet.
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Old 04-26-2001, 09:51 PM
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I use a Holley "blue" pump with the regulator and 1/2" Aeroquip hose.I have a Jaz 8 gallon fuel cell,and I have 1/2" line running from the cell to the filter then to the pump to the regulator,then 3/8 line from that to the carb.I don't like the fact that the Holley pump has only 3/8" fittings,so I may change to either a Aeromotive pump or a BG.
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Old 04-30-2001, 02:36 PM
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The Holley Blue pump has 3/8 NPT connections. 3/8 NPT has an internal size about 0.49", so it should be fine with your 1/2" line (or 8AN).

My street car has stock 5/16 pick up, Holley blue pump, 1/2" metal tubing, Fram HPG1 canister filter, 1/2" tubing, regulator, more 1/2" tubing, then reduces to 6AN just before the split to each bowl. Much less than some people, but works fine for a 440, 850cfm, 12.65 second 1/4 mile.
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