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Old 05-29-2001, 02:35 AM
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Well here's the story....
I originally had a 68 440 long block. I was planning on getting one of those Muscle Motors stroking kits to make it a 496. Well, when I dissasembled the motor i found a huge ass crack in the valley where the lifters sit. So I took it to a shop to see if it was repairable. They told me to trash it because the crack was too long and it was bulging(from overheating). Also, that if i were to weld it up it might get hot again and crack the weld. So now that block is on the side of the house and all I have left is steel crank and the connecting rods and a pair of 906 heads. Then I get a call from my uncle telling me that his father in law is selling a 1978 400 long block for $275. I asked to just hold on to it for a while. Then I remembered that you can use the 440 crank to stroke it to a 451. What I was wondering was if the rods were still good, can I use them as like a long arm ratio for the 451? Also, since I'm fairly new at this I was wondering what type of pistons I should get and heads, make this an at least 11.50's motor on pump gas. I've seen guys run 11.00's on a pump gas 451, I just want to know how I can do the same.
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Old 05-29-2001, 12:57 PM
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Thumbs up here is a excellent link

from one of our own members I believe;it's a very good resource... check it out, you'll find your answers:
good luck....
I think the site can be acredited to 451boy not sure, but to the site owner THANKS very much jimm
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