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Old 04-08-2001, 02:21 PM
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Hello All just found your site ! Very impressive ! I just bought a 99 ram sport auto 4x4. had 27000 miles on it . At 45 mph the truck actually started skipping . Had it to the dealer 5 times for this problem . They changed the intake gasket , plugs wires and cap and roter . Also they ended up replacing the torque converter . Still same problem . I took it to another dealer where they changed the ring and pinion gear in the rear end . They truck doesnt act like it skips anymore , it just has a terrible lock up . Starts at 45 and fades away somewhere around 60 . The dealer says this is normal , I dont know I have never drove a ram. He also said the mopar performance computer will help this problem ? I can't stand this I love the truck but hate to drive it between 45 and 60 . Is there a fix for this ? Is it normal ? One other thing is it ok to use atf 3 or do you need the 12.50 qt from chrysler . The dodge dealer I bought the truck from says they dont even use the dodge fluid there . Anyways I would like to thank you all for your time and look forward to being a part of this group !
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Old 04-08-2001, 06:05 PM
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blueram...i don't know about fixing u'r problem, but the mp pcm is a great mod. probably the most "bang for the buck" that any of us have gotten. in my honest opinion transmissions leave alot to be desired in our trucks. there are a few things u can do early to help any major problems like i've had. get a tranny cooler installed, a shift kit, and for added performance a higher stalled converter. welcome to the forum!!!
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Old 04-09-2001, 08:48 AM
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I had the similar problem on my 99 V10. It just started doing it the past few months.

I replaced the Throttle position sensor. It seems to have helped. Of course I just changed it out this past Saturday (Apr 8,2001), so I don't have good test results yet. But it was only $36.00, that was cheaper than having somebody diagnose.

Will keep you posted.
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Old 04-09-2001, 06:06 PM
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I have not had any such lockup problems as you say, but if it is the converter, there is a way to install a switch in the transmission wiring so you can control the lockup manually if you want to. I have heard the tc's slip alot on the Dodges and by locking it up sooner manully you get more power to the rearend. The process cosists of about 6 or 7 feet of wire and a good 2 or 3 way switch (depending on what you want to control). So you are looking at arond 5 or 6 bucks to do so. Also if you manually lock it up, the trans will upshift normally, but it will not downshift until youturn the lockup back off.
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Old 04-09-2001, 06:37 PM
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So wouldn't buying a high performance high stall convertor solve the problem? Anyone done this and make their truck run alot better and knocked some time off their 1/4 mile?

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