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Old 12-27-2021, 03:50 PM
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Default frankinstine IHA truck with 383 in it

hi new here
i live way up in northern mb and working on putting a list of parts to order in the spring for this as nearest part store is 400km drive and they are useles to ask questions like these with out a make of a car

in the fall i picked up 61 62 international c120 3/4 ton travelette that someone in the 80's swaped in a 383 with an auto trans. all i know is the motor came out a car from 1966.
truck got parked when the owner died in 2009 from a stabing shortly after he started fixing things on it after it had sat for 10 yrs

no idea what these buckets are out of but they sure are comfy stock was a bunch seat

it runs so i drove it home.

need to change the 10-20yr old oil in it not sure what i should put in it usualy i run 0w30 in my cars synthetic

needs wires and plugs water pump/ alternator belt
when i search the plugs it has nothing comes up

going to need to figure out oil sensor and temp sensor to hook up
no idea about speedo. but u could get these with 350's and such so image might be able to hook right up?

took me a month to figure out how the electrical works on this thing, as i work 12 hr days. once i got power to turn it over and plugs sparking it fired up right away

but being i dont know what it is from. its a real pain finding info on parts sites like filters plugs oil type belts. nearest nappa is 400km drive im in a remte northern town. i know nothing about these types motors my experiance is from the honda world and duetz/john deer deasils on 6 & 8 in pumps (pioneer godwin )
when i research i find lots noise on strokers but from what i can tell those are just modern crate? motors that are something els???

video of it fireing up battery died on camera so u dont get to see me fail at backling it out took a push next day from a friend at first had no breaks but eventualy they started working first experiance with manual breaks vs boosted

c120 383 fireup - YouTube

at the end can hear the fan making noise when it stalled because the postive wire fell off took me a while to figure out why it died
c120 backing out - YouTube

it needs new floor pans from water geting in from a hole in the winsheild but otherwise its pritty mint body with usual dents
plan to keep that navy paint job as close to orig and repaint the red primer on the fenders the truck came from a us base in canadas north and was bought in the early 80's at a surplus auction in churchill mb im told then around 86 the iha inline 6 threw a rod and the guy sold it to a kid who put the 383 in it and had it for5 yrs then sold it to a guy who used it as a 4x4 to get to his remote cabin from town till he parked it and eventualy sold it to the guy who died whos brother sold me it as hes cleaning up the derlic cars in his yard
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Old 08-04-2022, 06:01 PM
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There's a good chance the oil originally specified was 20W-50, though that might be a bit heavy for your climate. 10W-40 might be good.

It's sad that such a good forum as this one was has become so dead, you should have had responses in way less than seven months.
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died , figure , oil , plugs , sold

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