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I don't think anyone makes an intake to mount a GMC supercharger to a small block Mopar. If you want one, you must adapt it to an existing intake.

It's not that difficult, just requires some planning, time and a vertical milling machine. I would not weld the adapter plate to the intake, I would just bolt it.

Before you get started, do you have the blower drive system? If you already have a drive system, that may dictate exactly where on the intake the blower will be mounted.

About the intake. Your manifold will want to be totally open, all of the internal passages should be cut out. When you get through, you will have an opening about 4" wide by about 14" long. Then you must surface mill the intake flat---parallel to the crankshaft centerline. In the case of a small block, this would mean clamping the intake down to the milling machine bed, making sure the front and rear intake seal cast part of the intake was the only part of the intake touching the bed. Then milling the surface that formerly mounted the carbs perfectly flat. Don't mill off any more at the front of the intake than necessary. You will need to cut a large amount off the rear of the intake. After milling flat, you will probably need to redrill where the carb studs were. And if you have enough material, go to 3/8" USS threads.

You will also need to fabricate a "pop off" valve for the intake. This is usually easiest in the vertical area between where the carbs were originally mounted.

For the adapter plate, I would use 3/4" aluminum. You will need one bolt pattern to mount to the intake(eight holes, countersunk) and the necessary bolt pattern to mount the blower. Exactly where you mount the blower may be determined by the blower drive system.

I hope my explanation made some sense.
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