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Default Indy has blower intakes.

Originally Posted by mopr8u
Yeah, I have already had a chat to them.
Seems they will not make a 671 blower manifold for a 318/340/360
unless you buy a complete blower kit - Not much use to us mopar guys
who already have a blower.
BDS make a 2 piece unit which is an offenhauser manifold with an adaptor
plate welded on top but for some crazy price like $700 - 800!!!
Strange that not many guys in this forum havnt come across this situation before!
INDY sells blower intakes for around $800 to $900
Dont know to much about them. They make Big block intakes for sure.
360 ? You would have to call them.

If your having one made, they have to be 100% dead on or they eat belts!
What pullys? 1/2 inch pitch pullys make the belt jump at a higher boost
or higher rpm. Most street/strip guys run 8MM pullys and belt.
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